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You are in control of a fleet, and must capture a pirate space station in a turn-based game. You will have to drive and attack with all your ships to defeat the pirates that will defend their base. 

As a Admiral of the Human Federation fleet, you are asked to attack a pirate space station hiding criminals accused of the raid of Sydney, few days ago. This is the first battle that introduces the story of Hero's Path, inspired from a Roleplay game that lasted 3 years.

This game was made during the GamePlusJam 2, with the theme of SPACE, that lasted a week. I worked alone, and, excepted for an explosion sound, made it all by myself ( art, programmation, sound, music, ... ).

Also, thank you guys! Hero's Path finished 2nd in the GamePlusJam 2! It's amazing!

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Hero_s_Path_1.1.rar 33 MB

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Hey Jules, unfortunately I've had some trouble trying to run your game... don't know what it can be but it looks like other people didn't had any issue... when I've tried to unpack the file it gave me a winRar error, like the file was corrupted... I was able to mount it as an image on Daemon Tools and access the files, but then trying to run from there and I got another error "failed to load mono". Never seen that before, but I think there's a file missing from the build. If you can pack it again and submit so I can test it, it would be great :)


I have never seen this error before, i'll make sure to submit a new version as soon as possible, thanks!


Me neither... I think the problem might be on my end of the rope, since it happened to another game from the jam... but it didn't happen to others I've tested, so I really don't know... tried to re-download a couple times, but to no avail. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on your page and will try again soon :)


The game's atmosphere took me very fast, very impressive enemy AI and the idea with missles, in my opinion game like that has a very big potential to be a good game.

Thank you very much for your feedback! It conforts me in the idea that i should keep on working on it.